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1990 DO-68 rate period multiple mail franked taxation notice - concessionary rate: 26 Feb 1990 dated recipient taxation notice to ASHDOD originally attached to the mail requesting additional franking of 2.50 NIS from him, as the sender's address is unclear, for 5x pieces of underpaid domestic mail (manuscript on front) which he apparently received unfranked - but the addressee was not charged double the deficiency (period rate was 0.50 NIS per letter), only the missing base postage 5x: the recipient paid the postage dues with 10x non-denominational 1990 Greetings Ba #SB.20 stamps tied by 6x strikes of 26-2-90 ASHDOD-8 postmarks on return-reply card to the regional postmaster. A rare instance of concessionary postage dues + multiple tax franking; recipient taxation notices are rarer than those sent to the sender.