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1960 incoming British taxed mail taxed with Provisional stamp: 11 Apr 1960 postmarked surface mailed picture postcard (Golders Green Road) sent from LONDON to guest at Dan Hotel in TEL AVIV - but posted unfranked (likely entered into a letter box) & subsequently marked for tax by the British post office Foreign Section which applied a hexigonal taxe mark for 28 gold centimes, reflecting twice the deficient postage (in gold centimes).

In Israel the post office converted the gold centimes fee per the period exchange rate of 0.6ag : 1g ctm as per the new Agora fractional currency (prior to Jan. 1960 this was 6 pruta per 1g ctm), yielding a calculated postage dues tax of 16.8ag, rounded to the nearest available denominated stamp & becoming a 18ag charge, levied on 10 May using a 0.18L 1960 Provisional definitive single stamp (Ba #184) tied by a strike of the TEL AVIV-24 (head post office) postmark; backstamped 22 May TEL AVIV-88 (Nordau Street branch post office, which serviced the hotel) arrival. The manuscript number ("3219") on the front was the hotel's post office box number to which tax mail like this was accumulated.