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The rare thin semi-transparent vertically ribbed 3 mils Mandate pictorial experimental coil stamp in pale-green (Ba #91e) serving as overseas surface printed matter postage affixed to 12 SEPT 1932 postmarked cover on imprinted business stationary, sent from JERUSALEM to BROOKLYN & tied by machine cancel; backstamped 30 SEPT SAINT JOHNS PLACE STATION arrival; unsealed per printed matter regulations, frayed edges.

A rare paper-type stamp, generally considered a coil stamp (classified as an "experimental coil") though this cataloguer has discovered that the thin semi-transparent vertically ribbed paper was also used for regular postage stamps (see item #143716 in our store for a confirmed instance of a 3m stamp produced as regular postage stamp on this paper). Here the stamp does exhibit outward signs of being a coil stamp, specifically the rounded and short cropped right vertical perforation; perforated 13½ : 14½ (13.5 x 14.5) as documented for this paper type. Rated VR (very rare) by Bale if used on mail - only 1 known to him on a cover. Ben-Arieh certification enclosed.