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Holyland Palestine Austrian Post: 12 FEB 1913 postmarked imprinted postcard of the "Moledet" (Homeland) childrens' magazine, from JAFFO to GENEVA Switzerland, franked 10 Centimes for the period 20 Para overseas postcard postage rate using an Austrian Crete-issued 10 cent stamp which was sold in the Holyland at a rate of 10c for 20para & tied by 2x full strikes of the local postmark. Sent by Jacob (Yacov) Fichman - an acclaimed Hebrew poet, essayist and literary critic, who served from 1912 as the head of the magazine - with a personal message to the addressee. Although bearing an imprinted message about the subscription rates for the magazine, on account of the personal message the card could not be sent as "printed matter" at the 10 Para rate.