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Overtaxed incoming British airmail: 16 March 1953 postmarked air mail cover from LEICESTER to HAIFA underfranked at 6d (instead of the period 9d rate) and taxed 30c by the London post office's Foreign Section; the period exchange rate between British currency and gold centimes, as used for the postage dues calculation, was 1d = 5gc - as such, the calculated fee of 30 gold centimes was exactly twice the deficiency of the short-paid 3d ([3x5] x2). Nevertheless, the Israeli post office did not convert the 30gc at the period exchange rate of 5gc = 4 prutot (i.e. 30/5 x 4 = 24 Prutot) and instead wrote the sum of "100" on the cover, taxing it 3x over and above the amount that was actually due. This was paid as 100pr using a pair of 50pr Ba #PD.11 franks tied by single strike of 19-3-53 Haifa-53 postmark; backstamped same day delivery (using Jerusalem 'conquest of the desert' exhibition illustrated slogan cachet, Nacht SL16); slit open at top, very fine. Scarce multiple tax franking. Estimated value $200+