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1936-39 Arab Revolt mail: 30 NO 1936 airmail cover on Lincolnshire Regiment stationary ex FPO 22 (13th Infantry Brigade, TULKAREM) to OLD WOKING (UK), franked 3d per period air mail rate to UK using 6x ½d Edward VIII definitive franks & tied by 6x strikes of FPO 22 postmark (number unclear here but confirmed by unit assignment & another related cover). The regiment was assigned to "special service" in Palestine between 18 July and 11 December 1936 (day of King's abdication), and stationed in Tulkarem. Scarce multiple franking; rare postmark: undocumented in Sacher; per Proud postmark used only between 11 Oct and 18 Dec. 1936. Slit open at top.