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The 1 Millieme typographical on mail: WWI Armistice Day 11 Nov 1918 postmarked greeting-sized cover addressed to officer in NAZARETH, tied by right corner 1m frank with gutters (Ba #5) serving as postage for the rare period printed-matter rate & tied by full strike of OETA EEF JERUSALEM single circle skeleton date-stamp (Sacher #A8, Firebrace #4b; 28½mm size with index letter "A", as documented) on first day of use, per Sacher (1995); Firebrace (1991) comments that the first day of use was 10 March 1919 and that 11 Nov 1918 postmarked covers, some headed "Armistice Day", are favor cancels (although the appearance of this postmark 4 months before that earliest date of use suggests that it may actually have been in postal use before that date). The cover is presently sealed and unclear if by the consignor as printed matter regulations required mail to be unsealed.
This postmark is genuine: it does not bear the raised letters "AL" as noted by Firebrace on a bogus type, and it is not the forgery catalogued by Sacher & Glassman (1979) as cancel type AG, measuring 26mm (and lacking an index letter); it is also not the bogus type with OETA EEF beginning and ending just at the sides of the dateline. Provinance: this cover comes from an enormous specialized collection of Jerusalem postmarks, spanning over 30 stock books - and according to its assembler this is one of the 3 largest known collections of Jerusalem postmarks in the world.