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Members of Israel's Knesset/Parliament - Rabbi Meir Kahana (Kach): 16 Jan. 1986 postmarked local JERUSALEM stampless cover to Yosef Burg (Minister of Religious Affairs) on imprinted Knesset postal stationary, tied by Meir Kahana's personal handstamp, boxed cachet of the Knesset exempting him from postage as an MK + single strike of HaKnesset/Yerushalayim illustrated postmark (Nacht #216/9) in the field. Of note as this was sent before MK Kahana was uniquely stripped of his postal priviliges on 17 Feb. 1987, becoming the only Member of Knesset forced to pay for his own postage expenses. Kahana served in the 11th Knesset, from 13 Aug. 1984 to 21 Nov. 1988, before being disqualified to run again, and lost his postal priviliges almost mid-way through his term.