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Extremely rare Israeli Army General Staff ("Matkal" - 'Mateh Clalli') member breast pin, circa. 1948-50; not maker-marked; 10 x 20mm; 1.2g. The die-stamped & cut front bears the symbol of the pre-State "Hagana" militia, adopted as the newly-founded IDF's General Staff emblem, superimposed on an inner dotted circle and itself surrounded by olive weaths. One indication of its early date is the style of the olive branch intertwined with the sword: as with the Hagana emblem the branch is upright with two leaves close together over the sword. Later versions of this basic design depict a curved branch with two leaves spaced well apart over the sword - one horizontal and the lower one vertical. A safety-pin is soldiered on the reverse. A rare insignia not documented in available period photographs: as with other IDF service pins, this one would have been worn on the breast pocket flap of an IDF uniform. During this period a similar, larger metal badge was worn on visored hats and berets. In excellent condition, with very light wear but exhibiting full detail and some luster.