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Hebrew Revolt era document: Lechi/Fighters for the Freedom of Israel Zionist underground movement mimeographed pamphlet entitled "The Way to Freedom" (HaDerech LeHerut), dated [Jewish New Years] Tishrei 5705 (September-October 1944) and containing a presentation on the subjects of "Aliya and Settlement, Hebrew Policy, the War Against the Foreign Regime"; 24 pages in total. Unnumbered edition but appears to be the 5th in a series, following earlier speeches entitled "The Hebrew Underground", "Cornerstones for the ideology of Hebrew Liberation", "How the Fighters of Freedom Fell (the murder on 30 Dizengoff Street)" and "Yair [Avraham Stern]". The back cover exhorts the reader: "Don't destroy - pass this on!" This pamphlet appeared half a year after the Revisionist underground movement, the Etzel (Irgun) of Menachem Begin declared war on the Mandatory government in February 1944 and effectively began the 'Hebrew Revolt' against the British, which lasted until the establishment of the State. The Lechi (led by Yitzhak Shamir) being the most 'extreme' (and small) of the Zionist underground movements and at war with the British throughout, this document is also very rare.