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Palestine/Yishuv: helmet of the Tel Aviv "Mishmar Ezrachi" ('Civil Guard'), 1938- early '40's; by Pleese Ltd. of Holon. The helmet shell is in blue-gray color, bearing the 1st version of the force's emblem on front with unit number. As with other period Pleese-made helmets, this made from a single metal sheet with a thick liner (leather lining & padded base) held by 2 rivets. The leather chin strap has broken off & liner a little wobbly. The guard was established by the Tel Aviv municipality in 1938 as a volunteer force for maintaining order at public events & assisting new/illegal immigrants; in WWII it was active in civil air-defense and given powers identical to municipal inspectors, and given identity cards, ranks & work procedures. It was under municipal control until its reassignment to the Haganah in 1941-42.