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Yishuv/Palestine: Jewish Settlement/Auxiliary Police ("Notrim") cork and cloth khaki pith helmet, with leather straps and air-vent holes, circa. 1930's-1940's. Red inside lining with original manufacturer's ("Troko") label in Hebrew and English: Beit HaKovaim Tropiim | Tel Aviv| Troko | Totzeret Ha'Aretz / Factory of Tropical Helmets | Tel Aviv | Troko | Made in Palestine. The fabric presently looks like faded light green. These helmets are observed worn by security forces in Mandatory Palestine from around the 1936 Arab Revolt, and into the 1940's - worn by a variety of units assigned to the Palestine Police and auxiliary bodies, though rare in comparison to the more widely seen woolen 'Kolpak' hats and Australian-styled bush hats. In excellent condition, complete and intact. See referenced image of the "Special Police" in the town of Even Yehuda, 1936.