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1965 domestic 'top of the pile' taxed franking: 30 May 1965 postmarked printed matter window cover on imprinted business postal stationary, sent from TEL AVIV & franked by machine prepayment 8ag at the DO-11 period domestic printed matter postage rate; the address was subsequently determined to be incorrect & unknown (instructional handstamp on front) & as the envelope is imprinted at base "return postage guaranteed", this letter and all others to same addressee were returned together with the total tax calculated and applied to the cover placed at the top of the pile - here, charged 184 Agorot, the 8ag return fee (same as the sending fee) for 23 letters and paid on 11 June using mix of 1L 1964 Masada (Ba #305) + 0.70L 1965 Book Fair (Ba #306) + 0.12L & 0.02L 1961 Zodiac (Ba #205/210) stamps, tied by 2x strikes of the TEL AVIV-6 (head post office) postmark. Unsealed per printed matter regulations. Scarce instance of commemorative stamps used for postage dues.