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BAT GALIM post office in May 1948: 16 May 1948 (1st day Israeli postal service) postmarked unaddressed but Doar Ivri franked envelope tied by the reintroduced Mandate postmark of this post office; slit open at bottom - a significant postal item as the specialist literature believes that the Bat Galim post office in Haifa did not operate during the interim period of 2-14 May, and one writer, the serviceman A. S. Baum writing about the Bat Galim post office in the interim period ("Bat Galim – A Postal Curiosity" in BAPIP #99, p.18), comments that it was closed because the neighborhood was in an "enclave of British forces... and therefore out of bounds to the Jewish population", some of whose homes were "requisitioned" – yet the press and State archives don’t bear his information out, and he shows a locally posted cover dated 19 May 48 while British forces were still in the process of being evacuated. Here this is an earlier dated cover, and since the British evacuation from Israel only ended in June 1948 it's very likely that this post office actually did operate during the interim period and not just from the 1st day of the Israeli postal administration. This cataloguer will publish research on this matter in a forthcoming issue of the "JerusalemStamps Bulletin".