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Rare Mandate WWII era postal links - Algeria: 16 July 1944 postmarked cover sent from TEL AVIV to ALGIERS, franked 40m using vertical pair 20m stamps & tied by local machine cancel; censored in Palestine by KK/37127 (unlisted in Sacher), who resealed the cover with an imprinted label as well as brown tape - unusual; backstamped 18 (July) CAIRO transit + Egyptian censor cachet on front; locally re-routed in Algiers & slit open at top.

Postal services with Algeria were renewed on 22 July 1943 as surface mail only; this expanded to airmail service at 40m per 10g letter on 15 Sept. 1943: here it's unclear if the postage was for surface or air. The cover is not endorsed for air mail and the Egyptian transit suggests surface transmission, but the postage paid would have been for double weight (20m + 13m) leaving 6m overpaid - rather than 40m as the exact postage for air service.