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Holocaust-era Nazi report on the Warsaw Ghetto: June 1942 dated 6-page mimeographed survey with green cover and official title plate entitled "Der Judische Wohnbezirk in Warschau (Zahlen und tatsachen)" (The Jewish residential district in Warsaw, numbers and facts). In graphs and statistics the report covers demographics, work-occupations, economy & general conditions, schooling, police, post, health and administration of the Ghetto - citing figures as recent as March 1942. The text appears dry and factual, devoid of racist epithets and language, published about a month before the head of the Jewish Administration, Adam Czerniakow, commit suicide and the mass deportations to the death camps began. Published in Warsaw, the document may have been requested by either Ludwig Fischer, the Chief Administrator and Governor of the Warsaw District, or perhaps Heinz Auerswald, the period Commissioner of the Warsaw Ghetto - a "productionist", who was part of the Nazis outward policy of appearing to be administrators and managers of the Ghetto, promoting its economic independence by providing it with essential materials for its inhabitants continual survival, though in reality these officials were already pursuing the goal of extermination through starvation, exposure and diseases induced by abysmal living conditions. A unique picture of the Ghetto as a functioning socio-economic entity, based on what was/is probably the most reliable data. A few minor edge tears; the outer pages are still glued to the cover, the inner pages are still stapled together but detatched from the booklet.