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The last Operation Yoav air mail to the besieged Negev: 24 OCT 1948 transit & arrival postmarks of APO 10 (RUHAMA) on parcel card posted from KIRYAT HAIM on 20-10-1948 to soldier at KABA 218 (1st Battalion of Yiftach Brigade); charged 100m per the new DO-2 postage rate for a package weighing 4.5kg (stamps now missing - 2x 50m Doar Ivri), and routed via BASE B in HAIFA on 21 October. The Negev had been under complete siege since 11 June 1948, with all mail to and from the area being flown by the Army; the siege was lifted around 21 October and the air mail service ceased on the 24th in favor of road transport from Ruhama to the army units & settlements from the 25th.