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1950 1st airmail unusual franking: 20 NOV 1952 Israeli air mail postal stationary printed matter cover from TEL AVIV to LONDON, franked 80pr at the FA-3a period 90pr printed matter rate - here, 10pr short-paid & franked using full-tabbed 50pr and vertically bisected 30pr stamp, tied by single strike of TEL AVIV-18 postmark; the cover was not taxed & the bisected stamp was not rejected; unsealed as per printed matter regulations. The total franking is technically 65Pr: although the cover is tied by an airmail etiquette, the franking would have been sufficient for the SU-3a period surface mail printed matter rate (40Pr) plus additional weight (20Pr), though no indication if transmitted by surface or by air (probably by air as no transit marks). Unusual handling, very fine.