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Couriered US Official mail as early-dated no-service German mail: 5 APR 1948 postmarked official mail from US War Department central filing agency in BAD NAUHEIM Germany to TEL AVIV & franked 50pf per period surface rate. Surface mail from Germany to Palestine was routed via the UK as she controlled the Mandate, however from 25 March surface mail to Palestine from the UK was suspended and such mail was returned to sender; surface mail sent by other countries and usually routed via Cairo at this time was seized by the Egyptians, censored and impounded before being returned months later. In any case Germany officially suspended surface mail to Palestine on 7 April: here the cover was refused ongoing transmission already in Germany (probably around 7 April) & tied by the (now removed) German "Return to Sender" (Zuruck an den Absender) adhesive mimeograph (Kibble type I, here before his earliest known dates of use), in use only until around 19 April, over the address. Although Germany renewed surface mail services to Israel on 1 Aug 1948, the cover was subsequently postmarked on 29 Sept at TEL AVIV #29 and franked 10m per period domestic letter rate, suggesting that it was couriered to Israel and then posted - although per UPU regulations the additional postage was not necessary as this was suspended service mail. Unusual handling for official mail. Opened gently at back.