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Rare 1948 incoming mail to besieged Jerusalem: interim period undated commercial cover from law firm in TEL AVIV to Government department in JERUSALEM, franked 10m per period domestic letter rate using interim period stamp & tied by single strike of the local postmark. With an interim stamp and postmark the cover would date to the period of 3 - 14 MAY; the siege on Jerusalem is generally considered to have started on 20 April.
At this time no mail could reach Jerusalem by standard means, and lacking any markings or signs of having been couriered by land or air, this cover was held in TEL AVIV until the dispatch of either the first or second convoy to Jerusalem on 18/21 June - likely the 2nd convoy as HLPH #4 p.166 illustrates a similar 16 May dated cover (from Tel Aviv) with a Jerusalem 22 June receipt postmark. As not a registered mail item it was not backstamped on arrival, but definitely transmitted by convoy.
Incoming convoy mail into Jerusalem is very rare, described in JSPS p.188 as being "only a handful of such letters [which have] survived to date, therefore they are very rare", and although per JSPS (ibid) "All of the examples [of incoming convoy mail] recorded to date are from Tel Aviv", a small number of Jerusalem addressed period covers from outside Tel Aviv have surfaced since JSPS was published in 2004. Of note, as per press reports from the time, the siege appears to have been intermittent and not hermetic: as such, mail to/from Jerusalem continued to be accepted at the post offices with the expectation this its onward transmission would soon be possible. Slit open at top.