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WWII British military postal markings: OCT 1944 Mandate postal stationary postcard from TEL AVIV to Hebrew-speaking addressee with 'Middle East Force', pre-franked 7m & tied by machine cancel & double-ring postmark; tied by Deputy Field Chief Censor cachet (CAIRO), re-routed 12 OCT with "Last Location at O2E MEF" (Operations 2nd Echeleon, Middle East Force) adhesive applied & backstamped same day by full strike of rare FPO 245 postmark ("not seen" per Proud for this period, and assigned per his research to mobile FPO S.206 possibly at EL DABA Egypt). The adhesive redirection label was described by Michael Sacher in FPHS Newsletter #151 p.2 (1977-78) and documented by him in use until 18 Oct 1944.