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Auction #10 Closes on Tuesday, 7 Dec. at 22:00 Israel-time (20:00 EST)

Welcome to our new 10th philatelic auction! This is both our smallest (at 150+ lots) but also our most important sale to date, featuring THE BEST Israeli postal history available anywhere in the market. The sale's display reads like a Guinness book of world records - the earliest known, the latest known, the only known covers of various kinds, of historical and philatelic importance, with an emphasis on rare stamp types, rates and routes.
The full pdf catalogue is accessible here; the lightweight catalogue is here.
A sampling of highlights: first known Palestine Mandate 20 mils coil leader on mail | latest dated Mandate mail from the Jerusalem HPO dated 5 May 1948 | the only known case of legally Taxi routed mail - a large ground-breaking article about which will be published on our blog | the only known registered letter 20m LATE FEE | earliest known EEF Palestine late fee (on printed matter) | the double letter 2pia rate on EEF Palestine mail | SY Argonaut Holyland maritime mail | WWII Nazi German 'Baghdad-overland' mail via PALESTINE, delivered | THE LAST airmail from WWII Nazi Germany to Palestine AFTER war declared | 1949 Israeli army double printed matter franked cover | 26 Apr 1948 arrival stamped LAST AIRMAIL from Mandate Palestine to UK... and there is PLENTY MORE!
This is a "buy or bid" sale, where the starting prices can be underbid by up to 25% but lots can be also bought out; maximum bids are kept confidential. There is a 5 minute time extension for bids received within the last minute of the auction time. The buyer's fee is 18%.
We encourage visitors to look closely at the display and read the descriptions carefully: there is a lot of information there, much never seen before, painstakenly assembled from primary sources. Over 90% of the information comes from our compilation called the "Handbook of Holyland Postal History and Philately", available free here; the rest comes from cited sources in the descriptions. There's a lot to learn and much to marvel at. Our latest and pioneering research is published on our website blog. This is our Facebook "Israel-Holyland Philately Research Group" - join us for latest groundbreaking news, from the past!


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1) Mandate Termination Period (9)
2) Minhelet Haam-Interim period (11)
3) Interim Period Foreign Postal Links (1)
4) 1947-1949 War of Independence related mail (5)
5) 14-16 May 1948 1st Day Israel Mail (1)
9) Besieged Jerusalem (20 April-20 June) (5)
11) Post-Siege Interim Jerusalem (after 20 June) (1)
13) Service Suspended Mail (by belligerents) (2)
14) 1947-49 Arabian mail in War of Independence (2)
15) Emergency Postal Services & Foreign links (1)
16) Early Foreign Postal Links (1)
17) Interim & Provisional Taxed Mail (1)
10) Besieged locales: Other Locales (1)

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Locales in Holyland/Israel: +

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Time Periods

2) Minhelet Haam-Interim period

UNIQUE 1st day interim cover Haifa Head Post Office 6 May 1948 with TAXI ROUTING
POSTAL HISTORY GOLD (2x DISCOVERIES) - prepaid Taxi mail as 1st day Minhelet Haam interim post at Haifa Head Post Office, with Mandate machine cancel: 6 MAY 1948 postmarked commerical cover from HAIFA to Dr. Oskar Jehoshua Gruenbaum at 101 Yehuda HeLevy Street in TEL AVIV "via Taxi Kesher", franked 10m per period letter rate using interim frank on first day of use at the HPO & tied by Mandate-...
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Tuesday, 07 December 2021 22:00
May 1948 interim cover Tel Aviv-Haifa postmarked Haifa HPO, likely carried by TAXI
TAXI MAIL groundbreaker: undated 10-14 May period 1948 interim commercial cover on Haaretz newspaper imprinted postal stationary, return addressed to Haaretz in TEL AVIV and sent to the newspaper's post office box address in HAIFA - and postmarked in Haifa at the head post office; franked 30m using 3x 10m interim stamps (likely for 10m base letter rate + 3x 6m additional weight, with 2m overpaid) ...
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Tuesday, 07 December 2021 22:00
May 1948 rare type 5 Palestine Chaos Govt Tohuwabohu stamp on Haifa-Tel Aviv cover
Late Mandate "Tohuwabohu" franked mail: 7 MAY 1948 postmarked cover, sent from HAIFA to TEL AVIV & franked 10m for the domestic letter postage rate using a Mandate 10m pictorial overprinted with "PAL.CHAOS GOVT." in English & the equivalent (unabbreviated) in Hebrew below - a 5th and rare type of this "government tohuvabuhu" type stamps. As per the double ring cancel, the cover was posted in perso...
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Tuesday, 07 December 2021 22:00
May 1948 genuinely used interim postcard sent locally in Tel Aviv
1948 interim Israel era dateless postal card with family correspondence sent locally in TEL AVIV & franked 10m with interim stamp for the period 7m inland postcard rate + tied by the local interim postmark; rare as a genuinely used interim period postcard...
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Tuesday, 07 December 2021 22:00
May 1948 interim registered cover Herzliya-Tel Aviv, undocumented stamp varieties
Rare & discovery Herzl interim franks on cover: undated registered cover from HERZLIYA to TEL AVIV, franked 26m (10m base letter rate + 15m registry fee,1m overpaid) using 10m blue with 1946 Jewish State overprint (Ba #8) + 10m violet with red DOAR overprint (Ba #7c) + tete-beche pair of 5m green (Ba #5) + Ba #5 single - where Ba #8 and #7c are overprinted in blue - this undocumented; tied by mult...
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Tuesday, 07 December 2021 22:00
1948 interim Israel Tel Aviv large 7x heavy weight 68m franked registered cover
1948 interim Israel heavy weight cover: undated interim era large sized registered cover, sent locally within TEL AVIV (return address is that of the Nordau Hotel), franked 68m per period rate (15m registration fee + 10m initial 30g letter fee + 42m for 7x 30g additional weight, with 1m overpaid) using 3x stamp blocks (Ba #9/11-12) & tied by 3x strikes on front + 2x on back of the local interim po...
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Tuesday, 07 December 2021 22:00
Rare 1948 interim Israel War Independence printed matter cover to NAHARAYIM
NAHARAYIM 1948: interim period rare commercial printed matter cover sent from Kupat Holim (HMO) in TEL AVIV to branch in NAHARAYIM via KINNERET Post Office, franked 3m (Ba #3) per period rate & unsealed per printed matter regulations.Exceptionally rare postal history as the tiny hydroelectic-station locale, on the Palestine/Israel-Jordan border, was largely evacuated on 12 April and attacked b...
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Tuesday, 07 December 2021 22:00
1948 interim postcard Givat Haim-Jerusalem MENTIONS last Mandate Jerusalem mail
RARE postal history documentation on 1948 interim Israel postal card sent with Piker family correspondence from Shlomo at the small locale of Kibbutz GIVAT HAIM to Nechama at Mekor Baruch neighborhood of JERUSALEM, franked 8m per period 7m rate using interim stamps (including Ba #1e with red overprint) & tied by single strike of the local postmark; with personal message written by a religious pers...
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Tuesday, 07 December 2021 22:00
ONLY KNOWN 1948 interim LATE FEE on printed matter cover ex Haifa Head Post Office
1948 interim Israel era LATE FEE cover: undated local HAIFA commercial cover to texile company at MOUNT CARMEL, sent from the HEAD POST OFFICE & franked 12m per period letter rate (10m per 30g weight or part thereof) + 2m LATE FEE, using interim stamps 2x 5m + 1x 2m and tied by 2x strikes of the interim HPO split ovals canceller - a rare combination as this interim cancel device was instituted lat...
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Tuesday, 07 December 2021 22:00
Unique mention Musli Neighborhood Haifa in address on 1948 interim cover to Tel Aviv
UNIQUE small locale mail: undated 1948 interim Israel era commercial cover to lawyer in TEL AVIV from Yaakov Musli in HAIFA, return addressed "Musli Neighborhood" (Shechunat Musli); franked 20m for letter rate + additional weight (10m + 6m, 4m overpaid) using 2x Ramat Gan 25th anniversary stamps (Ba #26) tied by single strike of deformed interim cancel, possibly Hadar HaCarmel (based on the style ...
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Tuesday, 07 December 2021 22:00
Rare HAIFA transit marked 1948 interim Israel ROSH PINNA postmark register cover
DISCOVERY: HAIFA transit mark on Rosh Pinna interim cancelled small locale mail: undated registered cover from TEL AVIV to KVUTZAT HULIOT (Kibbutz Sde Nehemia) via ROSH PINNA POST, franked 30m for 15m registry + 10m letter rate + 6m additional weight here underpaid 1m without sanction, using interim stamps; backstamped 12 MAY 1948 HAIFA REGISTERED transit with late usage of Mandate postal marks du...
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Tuesday, 07 December 2021 22:00
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