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Auction #10 Closes on Tuesday, 7 Dec. at 22:00 Israel-time (20:00 EST)

Welcome to our new 10th philatelic auction! This is both our smallest (at 150+ lots) but also our most important sale to date, featuring THE BEST Israeli postal history available anywhere in the market. The sale's display reads like a Guinness book of world records - the earliest known, the latest known, the only known covers of various kinds, of historical and philatelic importance, with an emphasis on rare stamp types, rates and routes.
The full pdf catalogue is accessible here; the lightweight catalogue is here.
A sampling of highlights: first known Palestine Mandate 20 mils coil leader on mail | latest dated Mandate mail from the Jerusalem HPO dated 5 May 1948 | the only known case of legally Taxi routed mail - a large ground-breaking article about which will be published on our blog | the only known registered letter 20m LATE FEE | earliest known EEF Palestine late fee (on printed matter) | the double letter 2pia rate on EEF Palestine mail | SY Argonaut Holyland maritime mail | WWII Nazi German 'Baghdad-overland' mail via PALESTINE, delivered | THE LAST airmail from WWII Nazi Germany to Palestine AFTER war declared | 1949 Israeli army double printed matter franked cover | 26 Apr 1948 arrival stamped LAST AIRMAIL from Mandate Palestine to UK... and there is PLENTY MORE!
This is a "buy or bid" sale, where the starting prices can be underbid by up to 25% but lots can be also bought out; maximum bids are kept confidential. There is a 5 minute time extension for bids received within the last minute of the auction time. The buyer's fee is 18%.
We encourage visitors to look closely at the display and read the descriptions carefully: there is a lot of information there, much never seen before, painstakenly assembled from primary sources. Over 90% of the information comes from our compilation called the "Handbook of Holyland Postal History and Philately", available free here; the rest comes from cited sources in the descriptions. There's a lot to learn and much to marvel at. Our latest and pioneering research is published on our website blog. This is our Facebook "Israel-Holyland Philately Research Group" - join us for latest groundbreaking news, from the past!


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Foreign Post Offices

Rare Austrian Holyland PO Crete 20 Para Jubilee stamp carmine/white on postcard
The extremely rare Austrian Turkish denominated 20 Para Ba #65a carmine on rose paper (with white gum-side) stamp as Holyland postage tied to 12 MAR 1912 postmarked color picture postcard of Damascus Gate (Vester & Co. 'Souvenir Post Card'), sent via Grand New Hotel in JERUSALEM to PARIS & tied on back by the hotel's oval cachet (Ba #13.1); the Hotel delivered the mail to the Austrian post...
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Ottoman Post

Holyland Armenian Patriarch couriered 1910 stampless cover Jerusalem-Aleppo Syria
Holyland stampless mail: 1910 dated cover on Union Bank stationary, sent from Bishop Papken of the Armenian Patriarchate in JERUSALEM to "Father Hakob Karamanukyan, Halep" (ALEPPO Syria); tied at back with the Patriarchate's cachet. Although eligible for free mail as a religious institution, under the Ottoman postal service the cover was likely couriered as it does not bear a postmark and the addr...
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Foreign Post Offices

SY Argonaut ship cachet 1905 Austrian PO franked Holyland maritime mail postcard
Holyland maritime mail SHOWPIECE: 3 MARCH 1905 postmarked color picture postcard of Sepphoris/Tzipori (Joseph Mitri of Jaffa publ.), mailed on board the British ship S.Y.Argonaut of London and addressed to RAMSGATE (UK); prefranked 20pa per period overseas postcard rate by the Holyland Austrian post office in HAIFA & cancelled by the post office there + tied on back by full strike of the ship'...
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