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Judaic Postal History

WWI era Jamaica Patriotic Stamp League commercial cover, helped fund Polish Jews
Jamaica Patriotic Stamp League commercial cover franked by George V 1½d "War Stamp" + Stamp League Red Cross label (½d) - 3rd version, and tied by SP 17 1917 ANNOTTO BAY postmark. The league was founded in 1915 by Lewis Ashenheim to raise funds for the British Red Cross Society, establish a Jamaican airplane fund, and to provide relief for Polish Jews. These labels were sold at all post ...
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Thursday, 07 July 2022 22:00
1940 WWII/Holocaust era Red Cross cover Hungarian occupied Slovakia to Palestine
Wartime incoming civilian mail: 7 Feb 1940 postmarked stampless Red Cross postal card from BALASSAGYARMAT Hungary to TEL AVIV on bilingual French/Hungarian imprinted Red Cross stationary; noted "toll free" for internees of belligerent countries; passed Palestine censor T3 in TEL AVIV. Appears pre-stamped by Hungarian authority in Kóvár (Koláre), a Hungarian-occupied area of Slovakia as of March...
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Thursday, 07 July 2022 22:00
1942 WWII Holocaust CENSORED Dutch Red Cross mail THE HAGUE to Palestine Mandate
Censored Holocaust-era incoming Red Cross mail: 28 Jan 1942 postmarked stampless Dutch Red Cross contact form with 25 word message dated 20 Jan, sent from THE HAGUE to REHOVOT, with violet dater serving as a dispatch device; front-stamped with red French language 12 Feb 1942 dater as transit mark at the International Red Cross in GENEVA; there are no additional transit or censor marks from Europe:...
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Thursday, 07 July 2022 22:00
1942 Holocaust possible Einsatzgruppen Lithuanian civilian cover to Poland via German Army mail
WWII/Holocaust era mail from the heart of darkness - Svencioneliai/Schwentschionellen (Lithuania): July 1942 postmarked registered cover sent from Lithuanian sender (Zofija Dunskiene) at "Pharmacy" (vaistine) in SVENCIONELIAI to the lime kiln ("wapiennik") of a soap manufacturer "near Krakow" ("mydlniki koło krakowa") at RZASKA in German occupied Poland.Although the sender does not indicate perso...
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Thursday, 07 July 2022 22:00
7/1944 Holocaust era Belgian AJB Judenrat mail BRUSSELS to Zionist Office GENEVA
Unusual Holocaust-era Jewish foreign mail: 24 July 1944 postmarked registered cover from sender ("H. L. Rokach") at "AJB" ('Association des Juifs en Belgique' / Association of Jews in Belgium) in German-occupied BRUSSELS to Zionist "Office Palestinien de Suisse" GENEVA, franked 4F & tied by 2 strikes of local postmark; opened & sealed by German military censor - per cachet's index letter "D", in M...
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Thursday, 07 July 2022 22:00
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